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Laser can perhaps be characterized as one of the most exciting discoveries of twentieth century. Laser light is a special kind of light possessing unique characteristics. These beams are highly mono chromatic directional, bright and coherent. Department of Physics the College, has set up a laser lab equipped with latest equipments and apparatus useful for postgraduate classes and research. Laser Lab is sponsored by DST (FIST). Department of Physics is very much thankful to Dr. O. P. Kulshrestha the Principal of the College for endorsement and help for setting this Laser lab. The semiconductor laser offers an imposing list of practical applications. Laser Lab Experiments

  • To determine the wave length of a He-Ne Laser by Michelson inter ferometer.
  • To determine the wave length of a He-Ne laser using transmission grating.
  • To determine the thickness of a wire using a He-Ne laser.
  • Coupling of two fibers with the help of two lens.
  • To study single & double slit interference by He-Ne laser.
  • To distinguish the half-quarter wave plates using He-Ne laser.
  • To measure the numerical aperture of an optical fiber.
  • To measure the bending less in a multimode fiber.
  • To determine the mode field diameter of the fundamental mode in a single mode fiber.
  • To measure the near field intensity profile of a fiber and hence its refractive index particle.
  • To determine the power loss of a splice between two multimode fiber.
  • To determine the V parameter core radius and core cladding dielectric constant difference of step index single mode fiber.
  • Fiber optics communication.
  • To study the opto electronics Devices.
  • To determine the wave length of ultrasonic using spectrometer.
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