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DBS (PG) College, DehraDun is running post graduate and graduate classes in the field of Botany and Zoology since last so many years. A need was felt to start other post graduate programmes in the field of Microbiology and Biotechnology.

These courses are run by many other institutes in Dehradun, which are beyond the reach of many other students because of a very high fee structure. College is providing opportunity to student in less then half the amount than the other institutions. Biotechnology deals with various techniques that use living organisms to make or modify products to improve plants or animals including human and microbes for specific uses. Microbiology similarly deals with relevance of microbes to the mankind both the useful and harmful aspects. Similarly Zoology and Botany deals with Biodiversity, Functioning and Morphology etc. Microbiology and Biotechnology is the off shoot of this pure science.

Studies in the subject at post graduate and research requires lot of experimental knowledge which are common in all the subjects of Biosciences such as molecular characterization and quantification so the college mooted an idea to have advance biosciences lab to UGC, where all the department can share these resources. The UGC, which had already conferred Status to the college as College with Potential for Excellence sanctioned amount and a lab, was established with facilities for testing water quality analysis, biological and chemical analysis. Thus the lab has facilities for BOD, colour index, microbiological aspect of potable water analysis. This lab includes electrophoresis, laminar flow, culture room high speed centrifuge, freezer for various subzero temperature, advance binocular and trinocular microscope, PCR for gene application and multiple copy production , UV Spectrophotometry etc.

These facilities will help students of bioscience to understand the intricacies in the field of genetics, ecology biochemistry, molecular biology, food sciences, agriculture, fermentation energy, health care, waste treatment, brewery etc.

Hope in the coming year more facilities will be added to this lab and produce students with a better knowledge which will help them to serve the country and industry.

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